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Interactive seminar at recent Moscow Publishing Expo by PrintCity Members

On November 3rd PrintCity Alliance members UPM, manroland and Océ together with partner UpCode delivered an all day interactive seminar during Publishing Expo in Moscow under the seminar title Innovation & Technology – New possibilities for Printed Media. Involving an innovative approach including short presentations, audience question & answer periods and final panel sessions, an audience of over 50 people participated in an open discussion focused on the topics:
·         Web Printing – Increased Process Efficiencies & Importance To Publishers
·         PRINTplusX – Secrets of Added Value – Business Opportunities

Tolerans Joins PrintCity Alliance

Tolerans AB of Stockholm in Sweden has joined the PrintCity Alliance for 2010, expanding its opportunities for knowledge sharing and undertaking joint projects in all aspects of web offset printing & finishing. [more]

Copenhagen Communiqué Signed by PrintCity Alliance

The PrintCity Alliance has signed the Copenhagen Communiqué on Climate Change, calling for an ambitious, robust and equitable global deal on climate change that responds credibly to the scale and urgency of the crises facing the world today.

PrintCity Successful First Ukraine Seminar

In September 2009 PrintCity Alliance member’s manroland, Sappi, Sun Chemical, Trelleborg and UPM completed a highly successful interactive seminar day in Kiev, the Ukraine, which attracted around 70 delegates on the subject Share The Experience & Master The Challenge. [more]

First Ambassadors Announced by PrintCity

Members of the PrintCity Alliance have announced their first ‘ambassadors’, reflecting significant individual and project achievements during 2009 & 2008. With award presentations made at the PrintCity Annual Congress near Munich, the membership has honoured:
·         Erik Ohls of UPM PrintCity Ambassador of the Year 2009
·         Pre-drupa Media EventPrintCity Project Ambassadors Achievement 2009

PrintCity & GIPP Interactive Innovation & Technology Day at Publishing Expo in Moscow

The PrintCity Alliance and GIPP, the Guild of Press Publishers in Russia, are jointly organising and promoting an interactive Innovation & Technology day on November 3rd, during the Publishing Expo exhibition in Moscow. Involving PrintCity members UPM, manroland, Océ plus partner UpCode, the day will take an innovative open presentation style for visitors to browse hot industry topics presented by PrintCity and independent speakers, in the Moscow World Trade Centre during Publishing Expo.

PrintCity Alliance Carbon Footprint & Energy Efficiency Initiative for 2010

The PrintCity Alliance is working on a new initiative to research Carbon Footprint & Energy Efficiency in the printing & packaging industry. The objective is to analyse and give guidance on how to measure and use Carbon Footprints, as a catalyst for improved process efficiency & environmental performance. [more]

PrintCity London PRINTplusX Workshop – Golden Opportunity for Value Added Printing

The PrintCity Alliance in partnership with PrintWeek completed a successful PRINTplusX Workshop in London during September, highlighting a golden opportunity for Value Added Printing, with a range of printer, designer and brand owner focused speakers. [more]

Frankfurt Book Fair – PrintCity Alliance Offers Value Added Printing Innovation

PrintCity Alliance members Leonhard Kurz, M-real, manroland, Sappi, UPM and Weilburger Graphics are presenting Value Added Printing innovation under the PrintCity umbrella project PRINTplusX at the Frankfurt Book Fair, October 14th - 18th, 2009. [more]

Value Added Printing – Research Results & Samples from the PrintCity Alliance

As part of its ongoing PRINTplusX project, the PrintCity Alliance is making available the summary of Value Added Printing (VAP) research results from a graduate thesis recently completed by Jochen Wied. In addition interested brand owners, designers, publishers and printers can now request a package of VAP samples by post from PrintCity. [more]

Share The Experience & Master The Challenge! PrintCity September Kiev Seminar

The PrintCity Alliance announces a full day printing & packaging seminar with the headline Share The Experience & Master The Challenge, in Kiev, Ukraine on September 23rd 2009. This event will be of interest to all Ukrainian sheetfed & web printers and packaging specialists. [more]

New PrintCity Alliance PRINTplusX Workshop in London – September 2009

The PrintCity Alliance announces a full day PRINTplusX Workshop in London on September 9th, in partnership with PrintWeek. Focused on Value Added Printing (VAP), this event will be of interest to brand owners, designers and publishers, plus to all UK sheetfed & web printers. Under the headline PRINTplusX – The Secrets of Value Added Printing, the workshop will show how Value Added Printing increases the competitiveness of a brand, e.g. at point-of-sale.

New PrintCity Alliance Member Ambassador Elected

PrintCity announces that Arno Dürr of Weilburger Graphics GmbH has been elected as ambassador to represent level two members within its Advisory Council. [more]

PrintCity Alliance Shows Benefits for Magazines from Value Added Printing

Market research completed by the PPA (the UK Periodical Publishers Association) after the recent 37th FIPP World Magazine Congress in London, has shown that the Value Added Printing techniques demonstrated by PrintCity Alliance members within the innovative & interactive FIPP09 printed Congress programme had created a noticeable impact. [more]

PrintCity Alliance Enhanced Mission Statement

The PrintCity Alliance has enhanced its Mission Statement to better reflect its members' synergies. In existence now for over 10 years, the alliance continues to focus on its members ‘connection of competence’ in terms of knowledge and activity sharing, to benefit all customers and end-users. [more]

Successful GIPP & PrintCity Alliance Moscow Seminar

A successful seminar with over 110 visitors was concluded by GIPP, the Guild of Press Publishers in Russia, together with PrintCity Alliance members in Moscow on April 22nd. Under the headline Managing the Change - Practical Approaches to Act on Market Developments, PrintCity Alliance members UPM, Sun Chemical, Procemex and manroland, plus partners UpCode and Dalim Software made presentations on a series of topics prior to a visit to the Extra M printing house in Moscow. [more]

Print magic provides revenue opportunities for magazine publishers

In partnership with the international cross-industry PrintCity Alliance, the UK Periodical Publishers Association (PPA) has produced an interactive and visually enhanced printed programme for the 37th FIPP World Magazine Congress. The Congress takes place in London on 4-6 May 2009 and is hosted by PPA on behalf of the International Federation of the Periodical Press (FIPP). [more]

GIPP Spring 2009 Seminar in Moscow with the PrintCity Alliance

GIPP, the Guild of Press Publishers in Russia, is presenting a full day seminar in Moscow on April 22nd 2009, in cooperation with PrintCity Alliance members. Under the headline ‘Managing the Change - Practical Approaches to Act on Market Developments’, UPM, Sun Chemical, manroland plus other PrintCity Alliance members are taking part and providing speakers & presentation content, in partnership with the Russian organiser GIPP. [more]

Reproflex joins PrintCity partners in FIPP Congress Value Added Printing of Magazines Initiative

Rudolf Reproflex GmbH & Co. KG of Goslar in Germany has joined a group of PrintCity Alliance members and partners working in partnership with the UK Periodical Publishers Association (PPA) to create a unique 2009 FIPP Magazine Congress Programme. [more]

Tastes good, is good - manroland and PrintCity partners reported on food legislation-compliant printing at PraxisDialog 23

The production of packaging that complies with food legislation places special challenges on printing companies. At PraxisDialog 23 held in Offenbach on 12 March, manroland and partners from the printing industry explained how harmless production can be assured.

PrintCity Alliance Announces New Packaging Commercial and Sheetfed Activity Group Positions

The PrintCity Alliance announces that Han Haan of Sappi has been elected chairman and Dr Gerald Schobesberger of manroland is elected vice-chairman of its Activity Group ‘Packaging, Commercial & Sheetfed’. [more]

PPA joins forces with PrintCity Alliance to showcase world-leading printing techniques at 37th FIPP World Magazine Congress

The UK Periodical Publishers Association (PPA) is partnering with the international cross-industry PrintCity Alliance to showcase innovative printing techniques at the world’s largest magazine event – the 37th FIPP World Magazine Congress - in London on 4-6 May 2009. The highly innovative production techniques used for these printed materials reflect the dynamic and differentiated nature of print. [more]

New Webline magazine from PrintCity Alliance

The PrintCity Alliance announces the 11th edition of its Webline magazine, available to all web offset printers & publishers worldwide. This edition features articles on Ultra Wide Web Offset, Energy Efficiency and Value Added Printing of Newspapers (VAPoN™). [more]