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Projects for the market

The experience of the member companies, close contact with the customers and the systematic market orientation of PrintCity all engender a common conception of the market among the member companies. Megatrends can be detected early. On the basis of these insights, the members formulate PrintCity Alliance project topics. A preliminary project clarifies the terms of reference, the project milestones and much more. It is far easier to secure investments if all the members of the value-added chain have identified the need to do so. And this much is clear: unmistakable product positioning in the initial phases helps to achieve the desired objective and saves the manufacturer development costs. A PrintCity Alliance project only comes into being when all the prerequisites have been clarified in the course of a preliminary project.


A number of initiatives have resulted from the ongoing work of the PrintCity Activity Groups since the alliance was first established: 


  • The Process Colour Standardisation report is a guideline to better understand and use standardised process printing and workflow optimisation. (more) 
  • The PrintCity Carbon Footprint & Energy Reduction special report is the third environmental project delivered by PrintCity Alliance members since 2008. (more)
  • In VAPack, Value Added Packaging shared knowledge from PrintCity members & partners is targeted at brand owners, designers and packagers/converters. (more)
  • The PrintCity Ultra Wide Web Offset (UWWO) project is focused on analysing technical parameters, economics & best practice knowledge, to support customer interest in investigating Ultra Wide Web Offset production systems for heatset printing. (more)
  • The PrintCity Sustainability, Energy & Environment special report is a complete introduction to this subject and an invaluable resource for all printers, packagers, consultants, chief executives and business managers (more)
  •  Energy Efficiency for Web Offset Printers is one of the latest PrintCity reports published. It overviews issues of interest to all web offset printers worldwide and provides good advice & access to industry leading suppliers with the in-depth knowledge required for the future (more)
  • PrintCity Alliance and the f:mp. introduced a joint project: PRINTplusX at drupa 2008 (more)
  • In 2008 the Packaging, Commercial & Sheetfed Activity Group published an expanded guide entitled Optimised Sheetfed UV Printing - Best Practice Guide to help printers optimise process performance in sheetfed printing using UV printing inks and coatings. (more)
  • PrintCity launched a project investigating the technical requirements and costs for RFID in packaging printing and testing new functions and industrial deployment. The project also evaluates markets and products for intelligent, printed electronics. (more)  
  • Value Added Printing of Newspapers: PrintCity has analysed the current situation in newspaper printing from several points of view—economic decision factors, technical implications and the requirements of the market. (more)
  • Big roll diameter: PrintCity carried out a detailed study looking at migration from 1250 mm to 1500 mm rolls. The project participants included experts from the member companies and a number of other specialists. (more)
  • PrintCity members have established a project group to deal with the multi-faceted topic of Food Packaging. It is investigating the individual steps during the manufacture of food packaging—pre-press, printing, varnishing, cutting, creasing, die-cutting and gluing. (more)
  • PrintCity’s Connection of Competence Book reviews how print works as a medium, particularly brand development in packaging, publishing and commercial printing. It also adds the fourth media dimension of value added differentiation. The publication was first issued at drupa 2004 and has been re-created for drupa 2008 and beyond. (more)
  • There are many ways of implementing Brand Protection measures to counteract product piracy. PrintCity members and partners pool their expertise and technologies with respect to product protection. (more)
  • Since 2002, the Publishing, Commercial & Web Activity Group has been responsible for publishing the magazine Webline. The magazine covers trends in web offset printing and publishing. (more)